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    No.4 West China Teaching Hospital Sichuan University

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    No.4 West China Teaching Hospital Sichuan University was founded in 1976. It is the only one Three- A occupational disease prevention hospital directly under the Health and Family Planning Committee and majors in teaching, research, prevention,treatment and rehabilitation. It covers an area of more than 12000 square meters and building area of more than 18000 square meters with 600 beds authorized and 345 beds used. There are 24 departments for medical treatment and technology such as Sleep Respiratory Disease Treatment Center, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Lung Lavage Center, Cataract Treatment Center, Li Jiacheng Foundation WestChina Sanatorium, Orthopaedic Treatment Center and etc.



    Helse High-tech actively participates in the constructions of the hospital.

    Two-crank Hospital Beds with Casters Central Controlled of BC364A Series from Helse High-tech


    BC463A series of integral manual lifting bed unit, BC465C series of electric bed unit



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