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    First People's Hospital of Yunnan Province

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         In 1932, Mrs. LiPeilian, wife of the chairman of the provincial capital of Yunnan, died becauseof dystocia and left her last words looking forward to building a provincial hospital. Yunnan Provincial Kunhua Hospital was founded on April 1, 1939. It was the first hospital built by Chinese in Yunnan province and ended the history without provincial hospital in Yunnan. After the development in more than 70 years, it has now become a large general hospital possessing professional human resource and advanced equipments. It is the affiliated hospital of Kunming University of Science and Technology and the designated hospital for international aid and bears the tasks of medical treatment, teaching, scientific research,prevention, healthcare, guidance, catastrophic emergency rescue and foreign related services. It was evaluated as three- A Hospital in Yunnan province in 1992, the national "Quality Hospital" in 1999 and the advanced unit by the Ministry of Health in the activity of "Hospital Management Year"in 2008.


    Ordinary Bed Unit of BC363D series from Helse High-tech



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